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D's important announcement (Click here!) This is a MUST READ for everyone!

This page is for the evolution of Burning Man 2011. This year the Black Rock Roller Disco will be located on the Esplanade @ 7:30 Portal and will measure approximately 150+ x 300 feet (larger than what we had last year - 150' x 250')

Our neighbors will be ... This is a high traffic area and big time party zone, just like I like it!!! We're not on the grid. BRRDredadnwhitesmlr.jpg

Hello, and welcome, fellow campmates, to the Black Rock Roller Disco wiki page for camp organizing. What is a wiki, how do you use it? This a web page you can edit! Just click on the edit tab, above! Click on 'Help' on the left. (Or look at this page to understand. --Jesus (WW) --Jesus (WW) t/c 17:57, July 26, 2011 (UTC)


The purpose of this page is to help us self-organize, so we can have a great camp. Hopefully this wiki page requires less organization effort (i.e. 'leadership') than other methods, since anyone in the camp can edit the page directly, updating it with relevant info. This is intended only for people who have joined the camp. I'd prefer if folks sign in before making edits to this page. Create a login (ideally, your playa name, though I'm breaking that rule) and use it.

Returning visitors to this pageEdit

Bulletin BoardEdit

For sending messages to the camp/people you don't have contact info for. For sending messages from the playa to people who haven't arrived yet. (But consider whether the mailing list would be a better way to communicate!)

Thanks Parksideandocean / David W for the 16 new photos from the disco floor! Roller Derby, Jesus, Tim, D,.. - Here's a gallery! You can add more captions... it's a wiki!

Main SectionEdit

Here we keep track of vitals for each camp member. Let's try to keep things in a consistent format:

  1. Start with your playa name. (optional: Pull down where it says 'Normal' and choose Heading 2.)
  1. Add Pay status (not authoritative).
  2. Your expected arrival-departure times, in MonAM (i.e. sometime Monday morning) format.
  3. In general, DON'T put your email address here; it'll get harvested and spammed, and we should all have each other's email addresses already; phone #'s are somewhat safer.
  4. Everyone's required to be responsible for making several major contributions. Examples: Being D, Arriving early to help with setup, and feed the camp once. Also helps: contributing to the bar, helping at fundraisers, providing communal equipment...
  5. What else should we track here? Oh, yeah, include all the major stuff you're planning to bring that you'll make available to campmates - for example, a toolbox, generator, shade, coffee maker, waffle iron, spices, stuff for providing big meals, a keg, ... Indicate how certain you are to bring the thing - e.g. definitely - count on me....planning to...considering...could be asked to bring..... No need to mention the stuff everyone needs to bring that's mentioned in the Survival Guide.
  6. Please add a photo of yourself. (optional; TRY- it's much easier here on the new wiki!) (If you added one last year, ask Jesus to copy it.)

Paid folks followed by unpaid folks, alphabetically:

To pay, Paypal $75 to That is also the Paypal account as well.

File:BMGroupsmall.jpg File:GodFatherBurningMan.jpg

Info from D at cora.orgEdit has more info

Who's going:Edit


See facebook email from D. Most recent list:


2011 Black Rock Roller Disco Early Arrival List (w/code)

  1. D -David Miles - The GodFather 15494
  2. Tim Cramer-------------- 15495
  3. Cheryl Dunn ------------- 15496
  4. David Freeman -----------15497
  5. Amiel Kamon * -----------15498
  6. Jesus - Matthew E * ----------15499 --- Bringing: (!)
    Kill-A-Watt electric meter so we can resolve problems like those we had last year. Repaired!
    10'x20' 'tent'.
    20'x20' giant 'tent' - would like to have, but don't have the room. Patrick has
    offered to lend his to me. ANYONE HAVE CARGO SPACE FOR IT, CONTACT ME ASAP - I should be able to take passengers in exchange
  7. Luis Santiago * ------------15500
  8. Sharon Nichols * ----------15501
  9. Red - Robin Somers Wassam * 15502
  10. Clare Cooley ---------------15503
  11. Bodhi Werner --------------15504
  12. Mike Phillips* --------------15505
  13. Diea Anzara*---------------15506
  14. Kim Sykes * ----------------15507
  15. Christopher * ---------------15508
  16. Bella Carris* ---------------15509
  17. Don Norris * ---------------15510
  18. Bill Fubuka * ---------------15511
  19. Barrie Hartman (EA only) --15512
  20. Moto Mike * ---------------15513
    Other campers
  21. Paul *
  22. Kyle *
  23. Daniel Albert Chytrowski
  24. Andrew Kleppe*
  25. Laura Robinson*
  26. Marco Bernardini*
  27. Artie *
  28. Dennis Suhrke *
  29. Jon Welch *
  30. Megan McQueeney *
  31. Tony Morris
  32. Brent Lew *
  33. Robert Wurgaft
  34. Lorena Wurgaft
  35. Gabriel Bousquet
  36. Kim “Skipper” Corbin *
  37. Warren Focke *
  38. Aurturo Montoya + 1 * *
  39. Elliott Johnson*
  40. Kim Danner
  41. Don Norris’s Mom *
  42. Ryan Cunningham*
  43. Tracy Cunningham*
  44. Nate Anderson *
  45. Kay Hajek*
  46. Jackie Riley *
  47. Jackie Gardner
  48. Gabriel Bousquet
  49. Adrienne Vincent *
  50. Geordie Van Der Bosch *
  51. Andrea Davis *
  52. Enrique Cordova *
  53. Casie Walker *
  54. Emilio Guerra *
  55. You...
  56. You...
  57. You...
  58. You...
  59. You...
  60. You...


Who paid in 2010? These folks. CROSSED OUT because it's 2011! ====

  1. 1 . D Un-Paid:-)
  2. 2. Tim pd
  3. 3. Cheryl pd
  4. 4. Claire pd
  5. 5. Bhodi pd
  6. 6. Jesus pd (details below)
  7. 7. Diea pd
  8. 8. Laura R. Un-Paid (1st of 8 skaters with early arrival passes that are arriving after Aug. 23 to help with the rest of the camp preparations.)
  9. 9. Andrew Kleppe Un-Paid
  10. 10, Mike phillips pd.
  11. 11. Jackie Gardener pd
  12. 12. Christopher Un-Paid
  13. 13. Bella Un-Paid
  14. 14. Don Norris Un-Paid
  15. 15. Bill pd
  16. 16.Toy box pd (1st of the main group of campers at the Black Rock Roller Disco)
  17. 17.Warren Pd
  18. 18.Debrorah pd
  19. 19 Amiel pd
  20. 20.Skipper pd
  21. 21.Sven pd
  22. 22.Kristen pd
  23. 23.Elloit pd
  24. 24.Louie pd
  25. 25.Sasha pd
  26. 26.Paul pd $150 Uber-Paid
  27. 27.Kyle pd
  28. 28.Arturo pd
  29. 29.Arturo girlfriend pd
  30. 30.Ryan Cunningham Un-Paid
  31. 31.Tracey Cunnigham Un-Paid
  32. 32.Vero Pascal (Canada) Pd
  33. 33.Hachez Lemaire (Canada) Pd
  34. 34.Andrew's brother Bob Kleppe Un-Paid
  35. 35.Lori Kleppe Un-Paid
  36. 36. Marco Un-Paid
  37. 37.Artie Un-Paid
  38. 38.Dave Henderson pd
  39. 39.Dave Henderson friend pd
  40. 40.Phillppe pd
  41. 41.Lorena Un-Paid
  42. 42.Robert Un-Paid
  43. 43.Jon Welch pd arriving late, Wed 8pm 510 849-2255 call if u need me to pick up any supplies, will be bringing gas


Cool: adding photos to the new wiki is much easier than on the old wiki. Lots of ways to do so. Upload is easy.


2010-2011: D and Cheryl arranged storage with Iverson Ranch. $1000 per year including transport to/from our camp location. -Jesus, on-playa. -

Storage is our biggest cost.


We can get a container, we can get a dry van trailer, and lots of pallets, or a flatbed truck.

Possibly dated current (15:50, August 20, 2010 (UTC)) info:
Black Rock Mini-Stor
61605 Highway 447 Empire, NV
5x10x9 (WxLxH) storage still runs $300/yr. ($25/mo to be precise) (but this is way too small)
10x20 $75/mo. ($900/yr)
10x15 $65/mo.
(775) 557-2608

Upcoming EventsEdit

We hate to set deadlines, but we need folks to get their $$ in so we can start buying shit in advance. August 10 is the deadline to get in your $75 contribution to the camp.

If you have a paypal account, you can send the $75 to D. online at Otherwise, send it by mail to D. Miles at 830 26th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121.

One of our past events: BRRDPartyfinal2010F.jpg


Bottom line is that we rack up a hefty sum of expenses to prepare for our fun in the playa. A group of us decided at one of our shindigs that we would again this year ask everyone who camps with us to contribute $75 to offset our expenses. This will minimize the amount of $$ we need to fundraise b/c past experience has shown that our fundraisers are a lot of work for little return.

  • Our expected major expenses include:

Stuff bought in previous years. NEW FLOOR!!!

From 2 years ago :

    • $ 400? gas to/from the playa for D's van and trailer and generator
    • $ xx0? speakers, wires, adapters, MP3 player
    • $ 400? alcohol for the bar
    • $ 160? 500 BRRD buttons - printing
    • $ 325? Lights (efficient ones to replace last year's power hogs)
    • $ 105? Propane - 22 small canisters

  • Our expected income includes:
    • $1250 $75 x 45 members

Projected funds = $???

  • Our actual income so far:
    • $ 0.00 - 0 people have paid $75.00 each (According to this wiki)

Total income = $0


What's going upEdit

Art Car - StatusEdit


Ideas: -Jesus

I'm also bringing up a DirecTV satellite dish. Curious to see if I can use 'em to get much better Wi-Fi reception. Hope so. I brought up a USB Wi-Fi stick and USB extension cable last year. Someone else took 'em home. :-( -Jesus


Campmates looking for or offering rides among each other. (See also: ePlaya)

Post to .

Jesus is looking for a ride up. I'm going up a week early.

Camp LayoutEdit

We're limiting the # of campers this year at xx burners. We have limited space so please be mindful of that as you make your plans - so, keep it tight! We're mapping out a layout plan that Dan posted below and folks can play with. If you plan on hauling out one of those big mother RV's, you have to sign up in advance to make sure we have the space for your big ol' butt. File:Discocamp.gif

We need tarps, carpet, and couches. (preferably light-weight)

The layout above is just the general idea, not the end all.

It's special fabric for gardens that is the shit - lets in light, but keeps out the heat.


Let's have a communal kitchen that everyone contributes to. Who would prefer to do their own thing? Anyone have special food needs? (vegetarian, etc.)

Are you bringing a meal to feed the camp? Are you bringing any kitchen equipment, condiments, spices, plates, silverware. Lets get an idea on what we are bringing to make it easier on everyone. Top section for kitchen stuff, second section for communal meals.

Considering DRY ICE? Here's a dry ice discussion thread from the ePlaya with comments from Jesus.

Afterburn ReportEdit


Information about this page. This page can be found at and http:// . D will be setting up a webforward so redirects here too. Keep in mind that this page is public. Anyone on the Internet can find and change it, and it's already been indexed by google (first hit for "BlackRockRollerDisco").

Don't forget to refresh your memory from the survival guide/make sure you've got all essentials. The burning man web site is full of great info/tips.


Thanks to Jesus and Wikia for the Wiki.

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